To expose accounting fraud it is necessary to expose the accounting.

Exposing the accounting at bk467p191 would lead to all you need to know. For example, $545,820.34 is paid to our Mother's estate but only $$26,917.17 is recorded. The difference of $$518,903.26 disappears. No matter how much I am attacked you can trust that $540,820.43 less $26,917.17 always equals $518,903.26. How many character assassinations does it take to make $540,820.43 less $26,917.17 not equal $518,903.26?

The signature cover of the CPA Joanne L. Barnes (SSN 579-44-3240, EIN 541040148) and the Attorney Edward J. White, who did this accounting, and their collaborators, is to cover the accounting trails with confusion and conflict and use a trusting family member to unwittingly plant the confusion and conflict in the family so that it appears to come from the family. Try to expose the accounting at bk467p191 and see what happens.

Why has no authority tried to expose this accounting or tried to stop the accountants and their collaborators from using our trusting, brain washed, fear driven, sister as unwitting cover (Jean O'Connell Nader, 350 Fourth Avenue, New Kensington, PA 15068, Tel: 724 337-7537) for more than 22 years?